Our Company

Our goal is to bring Western Canada to the forefront of manufacturing!

Since 1995, we have offered novel tooling solutions for a variety of applications. We have proudly earned a reputation for providing innovative ideas that stretch the boundaries of technology, while at the same time delivering product in a timely, consistent and cost effective manner.

Relying on master patternmakers for our tooling design, we continue to improve our performance through attention to process control, technology and documentation.

It is not only our state of the art technology, our project management techniques, or our process control that sets us apart… we become an important adjunct to your organization.

We believe in fair and honest treatment of our customers, vendors and employees. Integrity is the key ingredient in our daily business. We recruit, develop and retain talented people who, built on a solid foundation of tooling techniques, excel in computers, tooling programming and machining and then in turn, provide them with the best working environment possible.


Due to the critical nature of our work, we routinely execute confidentiality agreements with our customers and we enforce them diligently. As an extension to this, our employees have executed confidentiality agreements with us.

In addition, visitors and vendors are also required to sign confidentiality agreements, as deemed necessary and appropriate. Access to our manufacturing area is controlled.